The Road to VAR - 1982 World Cup semi-final. Schumacher assault on Battiston.

The 1982 World Cup finals in Spain promised to be one of the great World Cups. A galaxy of stars had gathered. Platini, Zico, Socrates, Keegan, Dalglish and an emerging Diego Maradona.

The Brazil team of 1982 is almost as fabled as their 1970 predecessors and have gone down as the greatest team to have never won the World Cup.

As well as the great football on offer, the 1982 World Cup also offered up its fair share of drama. There was the scandalous collusion between West Germany and Austria in the final group game that sent home minnows Algeria. But the starring role in infamy goes to German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher who's shocking challenge on Patrick Battiston left the Frenchman in a coma.

The referee and linesman were both unaware or unwilling to take the necessary action. Video replays showed the glaring error of the match officials to a global audience.

Once again, viewers at home had a better view of the incident than the officials on the field of play.

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